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The Storm – Jim Reeves

The Storm Chords by Jim Reeves

Intro | C | C |

C G C That kiss, you gave me this morning G7 C Was just the calm, before the storm F G C Am I know in my heart, that you're leavin' me F G7 For someone else's arms
C G C The storm sometimes comes, without warning C7 G7 C So I'm thankful, that I was forewarned F G C Am It gives me a chance, to speak to my heart Dm7 G7 C And to brace myself, for the storm
G C The storm is coming, I can feel it G7 C And soon we'll be driven, apart G7 C You'll rush to the arms, of your new love Dm G Deserting, a broken heart
C G C If there was a way, I could hold you G C With words, that are tender and warm F G C Am I'd rise and challenge, the oncoming waves Dm7 G7 C C And defend our love, from the storm

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